A 50% Free Professional Website

There is one thing I noticed. The best businesses in the world do one thing in common: they realise change and follow it back to back. Is your business among the best? If yes, you are an action taker.
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Guess what?

We are proposing to create a “50% free” professional website for you.

Here is what it means:
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We don’t know when next we’re giving away this kind of offer. So, It is just in your hand  to decide if you are taking this offer now.
But, whatever it is, just know that we may decide to take down this offer anytime from now.
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What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

Maybe you’ve heard a lot about blogs. You’ve heard your friends talk about popular blogs and popular bloggers like Linda Ikeji. Probably, you’ve also heard about websites, that you start to wonder what the difference really is.

A website is simply: a collection of web pages located under a single domain name.  These web pages may be in form of texts, multimedia, or combination of both.  Websites are very important part of the World Wide Web; the internet. Once you have an internet connection, you can visit a website.

Websites can further be categorized into 6 main categories:

  • Web based Sales: Popularly known as e-commerce
  • Offline sales: Allows customers to buy goods or services from offline stores
  • Generating leads: Gets customers for new businesses
  • Market Awareness: Lets consumers to know about a particular product.
  • Informative and Entertaining:
  • Influential: This kind of website influences its visitors to follow a new direction or product.

It’s good to note that a website may fall into more than one category.

So, what is a blog?

A blog is just a part of a website. It allows users/visitors to read, comment or share posts/articles. There are many types of blogs, ranging from food blog, travel blog, music blog, lifestyle blog, fitness blog etc.

Both websites and blogs can be owned by anyone. Whether an individual, a business, an organization or a group of persons.

If you’ll like to own a website, or a blog, meet a web developer or a web designer. You can find them online, or offline. But, if you don’t know where to find them, don’t worry.  This is what me and my team knows how to do best. We are available 24/7. Call or email us now. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern.

Desire: One of the crucial strategies that leads to success.

This article is a continuation of ‘the most important secret to learning’. Please, make sure you read it before you read on.

How do you describe that feeling you have, when there is something you need; to the extent that you can do anything doable to get it?

A Burning Desire!

A burning desire is one of the most important strategies that can lead you to success. Without the desire for something, you don’t feel the urge to have, see or feel such a thing.

There are sometimes when you become hungry and want to eat food. But there are sometimes when you are very hungry that you need to eat.

Did you notice the major difference between the two statements above? If you didn’t, please read it again.

In the first scenario: when you become hungry and wanted to eat; the statement shows that there is a possibility that you may continue to endure the hunger, while you attend to other things. But, have you noticed how you would possibly want to do anything to get food for yourself or want to eat anything that comes your way at the moment you are extremely hungry? You’ll have a better understanding of what I meant if you’ve been to any IDC.

That second illustration above, tells better of what a burning desire really is.

A Burning Desire for Success

This kind of desire will definitely make you want to do anything just to become successful. This type of desire requires some degree of control. It requires that you harness it so you don’t do anything that short circuits the right of any mankind, or anything that offends the nature, for nature will always react.

On the next article: How can you gain or attain a burning desire for success? Already known the answer?

‘Please, take the value and return the vessel’…goodnessKosi

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How can you gain or attain a burning desire for success?

I believe you have a better understanding of what a burning desire really is! But, you know? No one is perfect, I could be wrong or you may have forgotten. Please check out the previous article where I described what a burning desire really is.

The steps to gain or attain a burning desire for success are very simple and easy to analyse, but could be hard to keep up to, if not properly analysed.

Following are the steps. It all  begin with the common question: ‘Why?’

  • Step one

Ask yourself:

  1. Why do I need to be successful?
  2. How can I become successful?
  3. How do I know when I become successful?

These three questions may seem very easy to be answered. Yes, they are all easy questions which everyone who have a burning desire for success can answer correctly. Remember what I said earlier? The answers could be hard in practice if not properly analysed. So, what’s the next step?

I’m making a deal. I will write an article on each of the questions above, so you can answer them correctly. Deal? Ok.

  • Step two

Write down clearly the answers to those questions in step one.

Writing down clearly your answers to the above questions is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It serves as a reminder and also as a notification through your eyes to your mind. It alerts your brain, of how serious you are with the process of becoming successful.

This step will be explained in later articles.

  • Step three


This part is the most important of the process. If you miss this step, then nothing will work out. While every other thing is in place, don’t miss to act!

On the next article: I will suggest to you the best ways to analyse the question: Why do I need to be successful? But for now,

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The Most Important Secrets To Learning

Image of a confused and exhausted woman
Tired Of Learning?

Is there anything you want to learn, but thinks it is very hard or possibly, that you can’t learn or master it, be it a subject, a course, a skill or a way of life?

In this write-up, I will explain in details the most important and almost neglected secret to learning and the simplest things you need to know in order to achieve your aim.

What does it mean to learn?

In a simplest form, it means to acquire knowledge or to acquire an ability to do something.

As an adult, the first step to Learning is to determine what you want to learn. Is it a skill, an intelligence, a way of life or what?

When you are sure of what to learn, don’t make the mistake of asking yourself how to learn it, go straight to the second step bellow!

The second step is to discover why you want to learn. Ask yourself: ‘Why do I need to learn this?’ That question, is the most crucial part of the secrets of learning. The clearer your reasons, the stronger it is. And the stronger it is: the more determined you’ll become. For instance; any person who wants to learn any computer programming language will definitely quit after a short while if he doesn’t have any strong reason why he wants to learn the skill. So, for such person to succeed, he needs a clear and strong reason why he chose to learn a computer programming language.

My fellow programmers can tell you more of the above facts. This illustration applies to any kind of learning, be it primary, secondary, college, or tertiary education. It also applies to any kind of skill or endeavour you may want to engage in your life.

But, how exactly do you succeed in learning?

In a normal sense, ‘you don’t need to ask why, if you don’t know how’.  But in the real sense, if you really don’t want to quit, you need to know in the deepest part of your mind ‘why you need to do what you want to do. If possible, write down your reason before you proceed.

The fact that ‘Knowledge is power’, is never an enough reason to make you want to learn. Trace your reason down to a more personal level.


The clearer and stronger your reason, the more determined you shall be to continue learning until you succeed.

What is the best thing to do when you discover what to learn?

The simplest answer is: create a personal reason why you need to learn that subject, course or skill. Only then, can you have a strong determination to continue learning until you master.

On the next article; Desire: One of the crucial strategies that leads to success.

Thanks for reading.

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