How to make right decisions

Which way is the right one?

Our everyday life is somewhat, like walking in a road that has two or more turnings ahead. Your decision determines which one of the roads you are going to follow. And at such points, when you don’t know exactly what is at the end of each road, you’ll probably become more confused.

Since there is no one straight forward way to make decisions, this article will help you learn or improve your decision making skill.

Looking back at the previous illustration: If you find yourself in front of the road that has two or more turnings ahead of you, which one are you going to follow? Undoubtedly, it depends on where you are going. Right? What if: you don’t know where you are going? You’ll definitely have troubles choosing which way to follow.  When you know where you are going, but don’t know the exact road that leads to it, you’ll also have troubles choosing which way to follow.

Therefore, before making any decision, remember the above illustration and ask yourself this question: What do I want to achieve? Your answer to this question and the way in which your mind is programmed, determines every decision you would ever want to make in life. On the other hand, for your decision to be the right one, it should be in alignment to your answer to the question: ‘What do I want to achieve?’

Since your mind and what you want to achieve determines your decision making skill, here is a simple formula, which will help you in making right decisions:

  • Know why you want to achieve your answer to the question ‘what do I want to achieve?’
  • Then, before you take your decision to be the right one, make sure you’ve found the difference between YOU and your MIND. Yes, you should be the one in charge of making decisions, not your mind. And until you find the difference between YOU and your MIND, be sure your decision is prone to flaws.

If you are able to have a clear definition of the two steps above, I bet, your decision will always be the right one, no matter in what area of life you are making the decision.

But, is there really any difference between you and your mind? Yes, there is. Firstly, you possess a mind, and this means that your mind is just a part of you. All the makings, the way your mind thinks, and all the thoughts registered in there, are based on:

  • who brought you up
  • the environment you found yourself
  • the things you do with your time
  • and who you look up to

So, how do you reprogram your mind?

Wow! Big Question?

I will like to know your thoughts, just use the comment box thanks.


Does My Business Need A Website?

Actually, no one will answer this question for you, but before you choose your answer, checkout these benefits: which you could be missing for not owning a website.

Some 20 years ago in Nigeria, we had to go to the market to look for whatever we want to buy. But today, due to the internet, and the mobile Smart phone, more than 80% of buyers search online for the products which they wants to buy before they go to market: if they’d go at all.

Therefore, if a business has growth in its agenda, it should recognize and seize the opportunity created by the internet, by being live online.

Although there are  many ways to make your business live online, like:  joining social media or forums, yet; owning a website gives your business a more official look and creates a sense of seriousness in the mind of your potential customers. This at least is an enough reason why you need a functional website for your business.

Did you notice the word functional?

That word is very very important while choosing a web designer or developer for your website. Yes, there are lots of websites out there, and lots of designers too. The ones you choose should not be based on the price, but on the functionality. Well, that’s another topic after you find out your business needs a functional website.

Sincerely, if your business is online, you are actually expanding your business. With a very good website, your chances of connecting with new customers are unlimited, because: everyone is searching online, and they are all potential customers. Each day, billions of people turn out to the internet for solutions, for answers and for directions on how to solve their needs. And now, you have an important business, the type that have a very crucial problem to solve for it’s customers, yet, you’ve not gotten a website? The fact is this: you are missing a lot. You need a website. How do you think new customers are going to discover your business in a world where everyone checks the internet before checking any other place?

A serious minded business person understands that: marketing is the lifeblood of every business. And, he will agree with me on how expensive it is to run a TV, or Radio advertisement, talk more of printed advertisements. You may testify the cost effectiveness of running advertisements, if you have ever invested on those type of advertisements.

The good news:

Owning a website is far less expensive than advertising on the Radio, TV, or Prints. Moreover, it gives you more control over how many people who knows your business exists. These people could be from any part of the world. That is why, the more useful information you can upload on your website, the more people you are likely to connect. And these people can visit your website at anytime: whether your business is open or not.

Once your business is online, you are removing a very big barrier for your customers. In fact, you are creating a very closer relationship with them.  They can easily reach out to you via your website, to drop feedback, to check for new products or to get very important information. All these, enables you to better understand your customers, and to better improve your businesses.

Like seriously, it is good to know that the internet connects the globe. And getting your own website connects your business to the global village. And for a business like yours, it means an increase in sales. Do you doubt this? Get a functional website and testify.

Apart from all these facts, do you know you can make extra money with your website? I mean: extra money in the form of passive income. Owning a website creates a very big source of passive income for you. Do you know how? Let me give you a little idea of  what I mean. If you create a functional website for your business, you can make extra income by simply helping other businesses to create awareness of their own business. Your website, gives you the opportunity to become more of, or just like a radio or TV station out there.

But, there is a big difference, especially in the type of income between you and the TV stations or radio stations. You will not be the one to actively create the awareness for those businesses to pay you. Instead of that, your website creates the awareness for them and the money goes into your purse. That’s what they call: passive income. And this is just an extra benefit of owning a website, apart from the original fact of re-packaging your business and connecting more customers.

Are you still confused whether your business needs a website? Well, remember all you read above. The choice is always yours, though the trends around the world and how business is being revolutionized continues to prove the importance and benefits of owning a functional website.

Tell me, what’s holding you back? Is it a blogging site that you need or a functional website? Or are you afraid of the cost of owning a functional website? Well, I got you covered. Me and my colleagues have a special interest in helping individuals, small or medium businesses and organisations to create their own functional  websites. We can create your website from scratch or build your website using GPL CMS. Whichever method you prefer, all that matters is the functionality which is the big deal.

Have any questions or  need a functional website? Here is my direct phone contact or drop me an email.

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In summary: Here are 9 Benefits of owning a website.

  • It’s useful for advertising your business
  • It’s less expensive than other forms of advertising
  • It helps business owners to better understand their business
  • It packages your business by setting it aside of other similar businesses
  • It connects you with more clients and customers
  • It makes your business more accessible
  • It grows your business by expanding your customer limit
  • It connects your business to the global village: internet
  • It creates a source of passive income for you

Why Do You Need To Become Successful?

Every living person has the right to become successful. But it pains to see the number of failures in our society today. Even the most successful person will never deny the fact that at some point, they met with failure.

The most painful part of the story is how everything could automatically take a u-turn and become a doom notwithstanding a lot of efforts one could apply in order to become successful.

What could be wrong? Maybe or not, something is wrong somewhere. But, let’s give it the name ‘unforeseen occurrences’. Although, no man could accurately predict the future, yet we have some degree of control over it.

Whenever we are setting up a target or plan, our mind usually tries to keep us alert of the dangers or pits along the path we are about to walk.

Undoubtedly, whatever actions you may decide to take are basically based on your minds programming: which made up your beliefs. This is the major reason why some people will neglect those warnings coming from their mind, probably because of their burning desire to reach their goals. Few others however, analyse those warnings, and this will cause them to both fill up the loop holes and create backup plans or they’ll fallback without giving a try.

If you can fallback without giving a try, it’s obvious that the reason why you need to become successful is not strong enough. In other words, you may need to work on your mind.

Therefore, for you to become successful, whether you want to successfully lose weight, you want to successfully run your business, you want to successfully develop your mindset or you want to successfully equip your mindset: You need to know your reason, but not just knowing your reason, you must master the reason why you need to become successful. For if possibly, you took off without mastering the exact reason you are seeking success, it is certain that success won’t be a guarantee.  Take Albert Einstein as an example. Had it been he never knew why he needed to be successful, he would have not continued to try after continual sets of failure.

In conclusion: To become successful, prepare your mindset and be ready to meet failure on the way. Don’t do the same thing over and over again while you expect different results.  And before you proceed, make sure you master your ‘WHY?’.