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About Goodness Kosi

A passionate Nigerian based web designer and copywriter who help businesses to reap the good benefits of the internet by providing them web related services which includes functional websites advertisement copies, social media marketing and business management tools.


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What People Says About Goodness Kosi

I’ve know Kosi when he was younger; even before he acquired all his skills. Sometimes, we do work together and I enjoy his company.
The first time I saw Goodness was at Dtonz Recording Studio Ekwulobia. At that time, I wanted to create a website for Positive Image Fashion and Concept but never believed Goodness can handle the job so perfectly. My regrets was not believing in him at the first time because I had to come back after messing around with some “I can do web designers”I’m happy he now helps in writing great contents for my website
I reluctantly contacted Goodness after I looked everywhere for a solution to a serious problem I had with my website. To my greatest surprise, he solved the problem so perfectly and passionately. Although I haven’t seen him one on one for a first time, I’ve been working hand in hand with Goodness, all the way from Plateau State through the internet.
Goodness is such a nice person to work with. I was once his tutor during my National Youth Service, and I must say, Goodness: is the best of all my students. In fact, I always enjoy his company, up till date.
Classics Oteri
Business development Pwan Homes Ltd
Goodness was one of my students when I was in Anambra state. I was very happy when I learnt he is now a very good web developer. I’ve seen some of his works and they are amazing. In terms of character, Goodness is a trustworthy friend.
Akiniyi Joseph
Data Center Analyst, Access Bank
Goodness is a well talented guy. After I told him my needs, I was expecting him to start listing conditions, instead he asked me: “How do you want me to help?” Since I started working with him, I noticed he is always ready to help anyone with his combination of high in demand skills; web designing, web development, copywriting and content creation.

My Journey To The Internet

I first heard the word "internet" in the year 2008

Later on, I discovered that the internet was going to change the world. And today, I am part of that change. Yes, my job is to help businesses like yours to take full advantage of the internet.

I’ve taken enough time and commitment to study how to create functional websites: The type that meets all the standard requirements and most importantly, allows you to take all the good benefits offered by the Internet, so you can grow your business.

But, one of the drawbacks is that:

The internet rules and regulations continues to change

Therefore, requires a lot of dedication and passion to follow closely. Few people cares to know about these changes and how it affects your website. This one of the major reasons I am here to help.

Sadly, there are few freelancers and web development companies with such dedication and passion to keep your website up to date. So, this is the right time you make a right choice. But,

If all you need is a beautiful website, you followed the wrong direction

You know why? The search engines doesn’t  care about the beauty of your website. They only care about the structure, the functionality, and contents of your website.

Am sure you wouldn’t like to own a beautiful website which does not appear in Google search. Although, you wouldn’t know you can easily fall a prey?

Beauty is not functionality. Good web designers add beauty to a functional website to make it robust. This is what you should expect from me while working with me.

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