Don’t quit your job yet, entrepreneurship is hard than you may imagine

I had to write the blog because of a post I saw on a Facebook group I belong.

The post was titled: “Think outside the box”

Let me tell you a little about the post.

In the post, the writer urged salary earners to think as entrepreneurs.

For instance: if you earn 30k a month, and you decide to save all of that money without touching a dime. It will take you 36months to save a million naira.

On the other hand, when you divide your monthly salary by 30 days, you’ll understand that you have been earning peanuts.

Obviously, you can earn a lot of money by learning some high in demand skills like web designing, copywriting, social media marketing, chat bot marketing and lot other soft skills.

But, if you are a salary earner out there, wishing to quit your job and become an entrepreneur, here’s what I have to say:


Don’t quit yet.

Entrepreneurship is a tough road to walk.

Don’t make the mistakes I once made!

Get ready first

Save up

Learn, learn and learn!

Then, make it a gradual move.

Migrate from being a salary earner to an entrepreneur.

Remember, the road is far tough than you may imagine

So, you must be prepared if you don’t want to become devastated and unfortunately stop on the road!

First thing to do if you want to quit your job

Learn a high in demand skill

It is now very easy to learn a high in demand skill.

You can make use of YouTube, Google or other free tutorial websites.

You can also go for paid tutorials

How to quit your job

Do not quit your job as soon as you start learning a new skill or as soon as you make a plan to start your own business.


This is because the road is tough.

If you must quit your job, make sure you have started earning from your new endeavor.

Well, this is not a professional advise, but an advise from a personal experience.

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