Unbeatable Ways To Grow Your Hotel Business
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Unbeatable Ways To Grow Your Hotel Business

Most hotel managers and directors are ready to grow their hotel businesses, but most times, they focus on the common and old fashioned methods.

Are you in the hotel business, and ever needed uncommon solution to skyrocket your business?

The internet has enough power to help you grow any kind of business, whether it is a hotel business, motel business pressure pack, restaurants or relaxation center. Just read on, so you can learn what to do.

Here are the right tips on how to grow your hotel business in this new system of things.

By new system of things, I mean: our generation which is ruled by the internet. Gone are the days when the world was too large. Today, the world is just like a village. The internet allows us to connect with each other at anytime, no matter our location or the situation; as long as we are connected to the internet network. Therefore, the internet is a great tool when it comes to growing your hotel business.

Top 8 tips to grow your business: most importantly, a hotel business

  • Redefine your OTA strategy

OTA is an acronym for Online Travel Agents. These OTA’s can help you grow your hotel business as long as you have appropriate hotel description, well listed amenities, clear images and photos of your hotel.

It is crucial that you manage reviews, deals and promotions from time to time, as this will drive more bookings to your hotel.

Most times, it is cumbersome to manage more than one OTA, but you can always employ a Channel Manager.

  • Provide your customers with the relaxation they needed by providing them with online booking system.

With the internet, the number of check-in per day is unlimited. In fact, your customers can book reservations without having to visit/call your hotel first.

Here is how I mean: if your hotel doesn’t have a functional website; which serves as a powerful marketing tool, you are missing out.

Do you know that most customers and potential customers would like to book directly from your own website rather than through OTA?

You need to be aware of this!

The internet has enough potential to grow your business and I’m here to harness it for your own benefits.


Hotel De Sample Online Reservation System is a good example which will help you to understand how online reservation systems works.

You need an online reservation system for your business, and to make things easier, just connect with us through whatsapp or through email: admin@goodnesskosi.com, By connecting with us, we will analyse your business to know if an online reservation system is really what you need.

If that’s exactly what your business lacks at the moment, we will help you fix it, by building your own functional website; which serves as a powerful marketing tool and features a powerful Online Reservation System for your hotel.

If you already have a website, congratulations!

Here are 5 more important things to do, so as to enjoy a maximum business growth from your website

  • Step 1: 

Optimize your hotel website by making it mobile friendly; so your customers can access it from any device.

  • Step 2:

Integrate a booking engine; this will allow your customers to book reservations from anywhere at any time and in advance.

  • Step 3:

Invest in Search Engine Optimisation: Search engine optimization is a process by which your website is built to be search engine friendly. If your website is Search engine optimized, it means that the search engine understands the content of your website and because it understands your contents, it will be easier for the search engine to show your website to your potential customers.

  • step 4

Create a Facebook page and share enticing information about your hotel with facebook community. Do not forget to allow your guests to book reservations from your facebook page too.

  • Step 5:

Enroll in Meta search engines like Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, Trivago etc:  which will redirect guests to your hotel website.

Sincerely, the power of the internet can’t be overrated when it comes to growing your business. And, interestingly, I’m ready to work with you!

Are you ready to beat your competitors?

  • Work tirelessly on your digital marketing

Traditional marketing is out of place. Therefore, Hotel Digital Marketing is a proven and the most effective method to help your hotel get more bookings. In fact I would say: unlimited booking.  If you have overlooked this all the while; this is the time to welcome the new aspects of digital marketing to grow your hotel business.

Below are Top 5 digital marketing methods you can adapt for your hotel business:

  • SEO for your website,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • Email Marketing,
  • Paid Advertising;
  • Video Marketing.

In the above listing, video marketing is the last, but not the least. Call me tomorrow and I will still tell you, that video marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing your hotel business. If you doubt it, give it a try and don’t forget to thank me. *smiles*


You can record quality videos of your hotel, events and memories. Post them on your website, Youtube Channel, OTAs, and social media platforms and as a result, well crafted video contents will double your chances of getting unlimited bookings and check-in to your hotel.

  • Your Customers Reviews are Very Important

What you need to do:

Always be ready to respond to feed backs from your customers, both the negative and positive feed backs have a long way to go in promoting or demoting your hotel business.

Take it, or leave it: reviews are powerful; more positive reviews can help you grow faster whereas a single negative review can be as destructive as an atomic bomb.


Therefore, a competent reputation management strategy is crucial in order to maintain a positive image of your hotel.

If you are able to work on and keep up to these instructions outlined in this post, you are just in the right path of growing your business, but there are more you can do.

  • Always set the right pricing at the RIGHT time

Apparently, setting up right pricing plays a prominent role in helping you grow your hotel business. Given the competition in the hospitality trade, it is imperative for any hotel to plan their inventory pricing that attracts more guests. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing, determine the pricing strategy they’re employing and create your own.

You can also compile flexible pricing of your inventory depending on the seasons, occupancy and even number of guests staying in a room. This will introduce a lot more customers each day.

  • Treat your customers’ right.
hotel room

Think about this question:

What are the major needs of my customers?

Some hotel management neglects this, owing to the fact that they are well equipped with amenities. Come’on, that’s absurd. A lot of better equipped hotels are out there prepared to provide maximum satisfaction to every single customer who comes their way.

Therefore, find out what’s important to your customers.

Is it relaxation, comfort, excellent dishes or Feeling of importance? Provide them with these things, make them feel important, make them feel happy and watch them tell everyone about how great your services is.

In conclusion, below are Unbeatable Ways in which you can grow Your Hotel Business in this system of things.

  • Connect with your customers and potential customers at a personal level.
  • Build a functional website so they could find you easily
  • Integrate a booking / online reservation system; so they can pay you easily
  • Show off beautiful photos and videos of your hotel through your website, social media and OTAs
  • Employ Social Media Bots
  • Embrace digital marketing, especially video marketing.
  • Keep an eye on your competitors and their pricing methods.
  • Employ an effective reputation management plan for your hotel.

Well, in case you are lost on how to start out growing your hotel business with any of these tips, don’t worry much. I can help you with the services listed below:

  • A functional Website with built in online reservation system: which serves as a great marketing tool. Note: by functional website, I mean: a responsive, SEO ready and robust website.
  • Digital Marketing

Simply drop a mail in my box or Chat me on Whatsapp let’s talk on terms.

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