Does My Business Need A Website?

Whether your business need a website is a question which no one will need to answer for you. Nevertheless, it is still important to know what’s what before you choose your answer. That is why I’ve outlined some core benefits of a functional website. Please, checkout these benefits: which you could be missing for not owning a website, and then compare the benefits of owning a functional website with your business goals.

Facts about the internet

Some 20 years ago in Nigeria, we had to go to the market to look for whatever we want to buy. But today, due to the internet, and the mobile Smart phone, more than 80% of buyers search online for the products which they wants to buy before they go to the market: if they’d go at all. In fact, more people are turning to the internet in search of solutions to their problems and needs.

Therefore, if a business has growth in its agenda, it should recognize and seize the opportunity created by the internet, by being live online.

What it means to be live online

The word online is no more new to our ears, because we use it almost on daily bases. For instance, when we pick an unfamiliar phone call, we may ask the question, “who is on the line”?

But, when someone asks, “is your business online?”, keep in mind that the person is asking if your business can be found through the internet.

How to make your business live online

There are so many ways to make your business live online, for instance, you can: 

  • Join a social media

There are some popular social media and forums which you can join. And most of these popular social media are free to registration and does not require any money from you to join. when you join them, you can create business pages where you can talk about your businesses to the people whom you are connected to. These people could be your acquaintances, friends, fans or customers. Below is a list of popular social forums you can join. Nairaland is a forum localized to Nigeria, while others are foreign companies.

List of most popular social media which you can join for free

  • Own a functional website

While joining a social media is a cheap and easy way to be visible online, owning a functional website gives your business an independence and a more official look and creates a sense of seriousness in the mind of your potential customers. Moreover, a functional website gives you an edge over competition because your website can be accessed at anytime from anywhere, whether your customers have a social media account or not.

Go for a functional website, not just a website

While choosing a web designer or web developer for your website, ask them to create a functional website for you. Yes, there are lots of websites out there, and lots of designers too. The ones you choose should not be based on the price, but on the functionality you really need. That is why you need to first of all, know what your business goals are, so as to find out what website functionalities you need.

Why your business should have an online presence

Sincerely, if your business is online, you are actually expanding your business. With a very good website, your chances of connecting with new customers are unlimited, because: everyone is searching online, and they are all potential customers.

Each day, billions of people turn out to the internet for solutions, for answers and for directions on how to solve their needs. And now, you have an important business, the type that have a very crucial problem to solve for it’s customers, yet, you’ve not gotten a website? The fact is this: you are missing a lot. You need a website or at least, one or more social media pages . If not, how do you think new customers are going to discover your business in a world where everyone checks the internet before checking any other places?

A functional website is a marketing tool

A serious minded business person understands that: marketing is the lifeblood of every business. And, he will agree with me on how expensive it is to run a TV, or Radio advertisement, talk more of printed advertisements. You may testify the cost effectiveness of running advertisements, if you have ever invested on those type of advertisements. Whereas, a functional website is a less costly and effective marketing tool.

The good news of owning a functional website

  • Owning a functional website is less expensive than other forms of advertisements

Owning a website is far less expensive than advertising on the Radio, TV, or Prints. Moreover, it gives you more control over how many people who knows your business exists. These people could be from any part of the world. That is why, the more useful information you can upload on your website, the more people you are likely to connect. And these people can visit your website at anytime: whether your business is open or not.

A functional website brings your customers closer to your business

Once your business is online, you are removing a very big barrier for your customers. In fact, you are creating a very closer relationship with them.  They can easily reach out to you via your website, to drop feedback, to check for new products or to get very important information. All these, enables you to better understand your customers, and to better improve your businesses.

Like seriously, it is good to know that the internet connects the globe. And getting your own website connects your business to the global village. And for a business like yours, it means an increase in sales. Do you doubt this? Get a functional website and testify.

A functional website is a source of revenue to you

Apart from all the above facts, do you know you can make extra money with your website? I mean: extra money in the form of passive income. Owning a website creates a very big source of passive income for you.

Do you know how?

Let me give you a little idea of  what I mean.

If you create a functional website for your business, you can make extra income by simply helping other businesses to create awareness of their own business.

Your website, gives you the opportunity to become more of, or just like a radio or TV stations who pocket millions of money generated through sponsored advertisements.

Your website can make you better than a TV or a radio station

While you make money through your website like the Tv stations. There is a very big difference which exists between you and them: especially in the type of income between you and the TV stations or radio stations.

The difference is that they actively work, so as to make money from advertising. But as for you, you use your website to create awareness for other businesses and the money goes into your purse even when you are not around, because your website handles the whole stress. That is to say: you earn passive income through your website.

And this is just an extra benefit of owning a website, apart from the original fact of re-packaging your business and connecting more customers.

Preparing to own a functional website

Are you still confused whether your business needs a website? Well, remember all you read above. The choice is always yours, though the trends around the world and how business is being revolutionized continues to prove the importance and benefits of owning a functional website.

Tell me, what’s holding you back? Is it a blogging site that you need or a functional website? Or are you afraid of the cost of owning a functional website?

Well, I got you covered. Me and my colleagues have a special interest in helping individuals, small or medium businesses and organisations to create their own functional  websites. We can create your website from scratch or build your website using GPL CMS. Whichever method you prefer, all that matters is the functionality which is the big deal.

Have any questions or  need a functional website? Here is my direct phone contact or drop me a message on Wathsapp

Some questions like Which is more strategic for an SME a blog or a website? has already been answered.

In summary: Here are Top 9 Benefits of owning a functional website.

  • It’s useful for advertising your business.
  • It’s less expensive than other forms of advertising.
  • It helps business owners to better understand their business.
  • It packages your business by setting it aside of other similar businesses.
  • It connects you with more clients and customers.
  • It makes your business more accessible.
  • It grows your business by expanding your customer limit.
  • It connects your business to the global village: internet.
  • It creates a source of passive income for you.

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  1. What does it take to own a blog?
    Which is more strategic for an SME a blog or a website?

    1. It all takes a good web-designer/web-developer.

      For an SME, you need a fully functional website, in which a blog will be one part of the website.
      If you’ll like me and my team to make your own website for you, please do well to call +2347031250483, thanks.

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