50 Predictions For The Year  2019
What does the year 2019 Hold?

50 Predictions For The Year  2019


1. In 2019, Generation Z will outnumber Millennial.

2. The economy will slow down…

3. … and companies will prepare with preemptive layoffs.

4. We are finally going to spend more time online than watching TV

5. Brexit will continue to consume the European political scene.

6. Inclusive design will go mainstream.

7. Artificial Intelligence will be in every industry and every job.

8. The next social movement? Occupy Silicon Valley.

9. Governments will seize the opportunity to regulate Big Tech.

10. Automation will disproportionately impact women’s jobs.

11. Health care providers will cover your groceries.

12. #MeToo will enter Phase Two…

13. …but some disgraced executives will make a comeback.

14. The battle against extreme poverty will heat up.

15. A U.S.-China cold war will first be fought on the technology front.

16. What will matter at work is your humanity.

17. The combustion engine will get smarter before it goes away.

18. Uber and Lyft will lead a wave of IPOs.

19. Companies will speed up diversifying their workforce — or will be made to.

20. A “me first” world will be harder to steer.

21. The office will empty out.

22. You’ll have better access to your medical data.

23. The high street will band together.

24. Financial options will catch up to the modern worker.

25. CEOs will work hard to become more inclusive leaders — or leave.

26. College admissions will get personal.

27. Gig economy jobs will get less miserable.

28. For respite, we will turn to inspirational commerce.

29. Conscientious objectors rise up in the workforce.

30. You’ll learn the term “fallen angels.”

31. Businesses will favor integrity over growth.

32. Loyalty will beat novelty.

33. The Internet will grow ever more fragmented.

34. Don’t even try to guess the price of oil.

35. Chief ethics officer will be the hot new C-suite title.

36. Africa and China will tie their fates.

37. We will reach peak outrage.

38. Companies will shift to an ecosystem mindset — and hire for it.

39. You’ll eat that bug in your salad.

40. Immigration to the West will get harder, and refugee crises will hit poorer nations.

41. Learning isn’t enough; professionals will focus on doing.

42. Order comes to the Wild West of data collection.

43. We will ask ourselves hard questions about what free speech means.

44. Corporate generosity will grow — and help the bottom line.

45. Brands won’t be able to stay neutral.

46. Hotels will take away your alarm clock.

47. Employers will make room for euro diversity.

48. Drug-makers will double down on China.

49. Your next vacation may be to space or undersea.

50. We will stop living an Insta life.

50 Big Ideas for 2019: What to watch in the year ahead; Was Published on December 11, 2018 by Isabelle Roughol, Senior editor-at-large, LinkedIn | Tech and media hybrid.

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