15 Nigerians to Learn Website Creation for Free

15 Nigerians to Learn Website Creation for Free

Website creation is a learnable skill which can put enough food on your table.

Goodness Kosi

Few weeks ago, the World Bank warned that extreme poverty may hit Nigeria before the year 2030, if the current administration fails to revamp the current situation in the country by creating more jobs.

The problem we need to solve

The reality is that so many young Nigerians are willing to learn.

They are actually ready to be a game changer, but most times they are limited by finance or thereabout.

I can attest to the fact because I used to rock in those shoes.

Few years ago, when I first learnt about the internet and how it’s changing the world, I wanted to be part of the change and possibly influence the change.

But, my major problem were:

  • Where to get the required skills
  • How to afford the required price
  • How to get the required tools

Taking the bull by the horn

Today, so many youths are still facing such problems and it’s high time we rise and solve them ourselves.

Obviously, I haven’t gotten everything I needed in this life, but that’s not an enough excuse not to help others with the few things I’ve gotten.

Infact, I feel so bad upon seeing helpless youths who are rocking in the shoes I used to rock in.

This is the major reason I decided to do something new!

My way of helping fellow Nigerian youths

I made the announcement few days ago on my Facebook wall.

I’ll be helping 15 young Nigerians to learn how to create a functional website for themselves or for clients.

I’ll be taking them by hands and teach them everything I know about websites.

Functional websites: highly responsive and displays fine in any device.

And after the training, I wonder what will limit them from being their own boss rather than endlessly waiting for the government to create jobs.

The good part of it is that these individuals won’t pay a dime for everything they’re going to learn.

And the class holds on a Whatsapp group where they can always share their difficulties for continuous help, until they perfect their skills.

Would you like to know more about the big announcement?

Visit my Facebook timeline to find out more

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