The Neglected Benefits of Wearing Seat belts
Why be on seat belt?

The Neglected Benefits of Wearing Seat belts

Most vehicles plying our roads lack many vital parts such as seat belts. And due to this fact, most people do not understand the need for functional seat belts in their vehicle.

Few others, in their own thoughts, describe seat belts as a useless tool found in vehicles. To make the matter worst, such individual doesn’t like to hear anyone say: “seat belts are for your safety”. They would think that: “The seat belts are for the Road Safety Corps”. And this is why some motorists with faulty seat belts will pretend to have a functional seat belt at road safety check points.

But, unknowingly to them, they got it wrong. In fact, they are totally ignorant about their life.

Seat belts were originally designed to safeguard anyone who is making use of any motor vehicle. They are there to protect you.

Despite the fact that seat belts were made mandatory equipment in vehicles in the late 1960’s, no laws which required drivers and passengers to wear seat belt existed, until 1980’s and 1990’s.

Interestingly, wearing your seat belt should be part of you and a natural driving habit whenever you make use of a vehicle. But, it is obvious that you will neglect it if you don’t know the benefits or why it is important to wear them.

Well, permit me to point out some of the benefits of wearing seat belts.

Whether you have an older model vehicle without airbags, seat belts provides safety in times of impact to everyone on it. seat belts save lives, and this fact has been proved time without numbers via studies and research.
Since impact is an inevitable term in transportation and road usage, you are likely going to hit your head on the windscreen during an impact, especially when you are seated in the front. Your seat belt; if worn prevents you from such scenario as described above by keeping you in place. G-forces created during impacts place great strain on the body and result in more serious injuries when seat belts are not worn. The effects of these G-forces can be avoided by being on seat belt while in vehicles.

Have you noticed that modern vehicles have airbags? These airbags work hand in hand with seat belts. If you are not wearing seat belt and an impact occurs, your airbag becomes ineffective. So, if your airbag is there to protect you, does it not make sense to be on seat belt: which without it, the airbag is useless?

If seat belts are really designed for your safety, why must one wait to pay fine to road safety commission? They are just there to make sure you are safe; therefore there is no need of blaming them when they make you to pay fine for not being on seat belt.

It is certain, though not everyone know that being on seat belt reduces the risks of serious injuries and death. Yes, most people who survived major accidents with little injuries than expected were actually on seat belt as their vehicle crashed beyond repair.
All you read above are just some of the time tested benefits of being on seat belts.

Do you know that, if the seat belt is for your own safety, creating a functional website for your business preserves its life just as a seat belt will do for you?

There is this general thought that: “The seat belts are for the Road Safety Corps”.
Likewise, a lot of people do think that: “websites are for the big companies “.
No, that’s not true!
This is 21st Century! And your business needs a functional website for the sake of its life.

The above statement was never true some decades ago, but what about today? A lot of things have changed, and will continue to change. For instance: Most businesses which existed some decades ago never existed today. Why? There could be two reasons. Either they failed to understand where the world was going or they did but failed to move along.

Can this be true for your business? Have you discovered where the world is going? Are you going along with it?

Today, most people have turned to the internet for help and will continue to find help through the internet. Do you know how many billions of people who browse the internet each day? Is there any probability of finding your business on the internet? If there is not, you are lagging behind. Why not move along with the world? Or do you want your business to be out of sight for not standing the challenges posed by the ever changing business world. Since everyone checks the internet before checking the shops, your business needs to be visible online,

There is this common character of every wise business person: they discover the trends and move along as soon as possible. Have you ever considered the benefit of owning a website?

Sincerely, it is not a must to have a website before creating visibility online, yet creating a functional website for your business is very important for it to thrive. You may already have a social media account, that’s very good though not enough. Your social media accounts are just like the airbag in the above illustration. Just as the airbag works perfectly when you are on seat belt, your social media accounts works perfectly with your functional website. Therefore, if you have a website, but don’t have social media accounts, no oh, that’s bad strategy. For your business to survive this fast changing business world, the two ingredients are required: A functional website and social media accounts.

But there is this common problem. Most people who already know the benefits of owning a functional website reverts to creating crap in the name of website due to the cost of owning a functional website. That’s a common problem which you need to avoid if you really love your business. Some others try doing it themselves but end up creating damages and finally spend more to correct them. Therefore, find a web designer or a web developer. If you find an experienced web designer, that’s the best.

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If you would like me and my colleagues to create a functional website for you, which is what we know how to do best: helping individuals, organizations, and businesses to create their own functional websites, feel free to inbox me right away.

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