Criteria For Measuring Success

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Almost anything under the sun has a unit of measurement, but what about success? Is there any tool or unit for measuring success? Is it possible to measure success?

This article was created with the aim of answering the above questions and showing you the process involved in measuring success.

In the dictionary, success is defined as the opposite of failure. Your success is the achievement of your aim or goal. In fact, success could be interpreted as financial profitability. If a family lives in peace and happiness, they are termed to be successful, just like a brilliant school boy who won a scholarship.

In our daily life, there are lots of scenarios at which we may describe others or ourselves as successful.  Without doubts, you are most likely to accept and see yourself as successful as other people see you, only when you have achieved most of your goals. That is to say; the higher your goals, the higher your expectation and the less likely you are to accept yourself as a successful person. In such case, other people conclude that you are already successful, but you are the only one that knows the truth.

This truth varies per individual. How? It is simply because our goal varies from one person to another. For example, an individual target is to own international businesses would not accept the fact that he is already successful, if he currently owns a few businesses across the states. But, a man whose goal is to have a business which will allow him to feed his family will definitely accept the fact that he is successful: as long as he owns such a business.

As we grow and move from one stage of life to another, our goals tends to change, and this changes completely affects how we measure success. Everyone wants to be successful, but why?

I could remember quite vividly during my childhood stage. I would see most of my mates wearing the then trending fancy cover shoes, but my parents would not buy it for me, and I had no money to buy it. Although I had very quality shoes back then, I thought I was a failure, because I couldn’t afford all that I wanted; the trending fancy covers shoe.

From the two examples above, did you notice the elements which determined how anyone could measure success? Just as beauty is, in the eyes of the beholder, so also is success. But there are very common and fundamental elements which determine how anyone could measure their own success.

These elements include:

  1. Environs
  2. Mindset
  3. Level of experience
  4. Goal

The elements listed above are the basis on which every living person measures success. But, how exactly do these elements work hand in hand?


Our environment is the big head which hugely affects the other three elements. Have you noticed that our environment which includes the family you found yourself, your upbringing, culture and origin, close associates and friends, all affects the way you think and the way you pass judgments? Most of the beliefs you had today is basically what determined which knowledge you upload to your brain.


Therefore, it is very simple to understand that, any bit of information or knowledge which you uploaded to your brain, forms the basis of your mindset. Our mindset varies due to our environments, and the information which we have access to. So, the better our environment, the more likely we are to have access to good information and knowledge which will yield to a better mindset.

Level of Experience

Your level of experience is another factor which matters a lot. The way you measure success varies proportionally with your level of experience: which continues to change as long as you are still able to learn. So, what exactly is the cause of change in ones level of experiences? Is it the age? No, not basically age. The right causes of change in our level of experiences are our environment, and our mindset. No wonder an Igbo proverb says that ‘A traveler is wiser than an old man’. That is to say: a traveler usually has a wider level of experience compared to an old man who rarely travels.


Your environment, your mindset, your level of experience; all have a very big role to play on how you set your goals. The goals you set, determines how you are likely to measure your own success. Certainly, the quality of any of these four elements, directly or indirectly affects how you measure your success.

 How exactly can someone measure success?

It is simple, examine your goal. Since the goals you choose to pursue is basically determined by the environment you found yourself, the knowledge you have access to, and the level of your experience. The way you measure success will always vary from the way another person measures success. That is to say; the measuring tool for success varies from one goal to another. As long as the elements listed above continues to vary from one individual to another, the measuring tool for success will continue to vary from one individual to another.

Some of the times, when I talk with friends, I used to tell them: ‘You hardly see what has been done right, if your expectations are too high’.  It is evident that whenever you have a very high goal, you will most likely see yourself as a failure as long as you are very far away from achieving your goals. If such a thing happens, analyse your goal, you will find out that one or more of the other three elements are the cause. Maybe, your environment is not helping the matter, your mindset is the problem, or your level of experience is not enough. If any of these things are not in good condition, your goal may not be in a very good condition.

In conclusion:

Yes, it is possible to measure success, though, if success is measured on a scale of 10, and each scale represents an individual, the values they read for a given situation can never be the same because of the indifference which exists between the individuals.  And there is no other way to calibrate the scale, except by enforcing the concerned individuals to be on the same environs, have the same mindset, and have the same level of experience and goal. A situation like this is far-fetched from possibility.

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How to make right decisions

Which way is the right one?

Our everyday life is somewhat, like walking in a road that has two or more turnings ahead. Your decision determines which one of the roads you are going to follow. And at such points, when you don’t know exactly what is at the end of each road, you’ll probably become more confused.

Since there is no one straight forward way to make decisions, this article will help you learn or improve your decision making skill.

Looking back at the previous illustration: If you find yourself in front of the road that has two or more turnings ahead of you, which one are you going to follow? Undoubtedly, it depends on where you are going. Right? What if: you don’t know where you are going? You’ll definitely have troubles choosing which way to follow.  When you know where you are going, but don’t know the exact road that leads to it, you’ll also have troubles choosing which way to follow.

Therefore, before making any decision, remember the above illustration and ask yourself this question: What do I want to achieve? Your answer to this question and the way in which your mind is programmed, determines every decision you would ever want to make in life. On the other hand, for your decision to be the right one, it should be in alignment to your answer to the question: ‘What do I want to achieve?’

Since your mind and what you want to achieve determines your decision making skill, here is a simple formula, which will help you in making right decisions:

  • Know why you want to achieve your answer to the question ‘what do I want to achieve?’
  • Then, before you take your decision to be the right one, make sure you’ve found the difference between YOU and your MIND. Yes, you should be the one in charge of making decisions, not your mind. And until you find the difference between YOU and your MIND, be sure your decision is prone to flaws.

If you are able to have a clear definition of the two steps above, I bet, your decision will always be the right one, no matter in what area of life you are making the decision.

But, is there really any difference between you and your mind? Yes, there is. Firstly, you possess a mind, and this means that your mind is just a part of you. All the makings, the way your mind thinks, and all the thoughts registered in there, are based on:

  • who brought you up
  • the environment you found yourself
  • the things you do with your time
  • and who you look up to

So, how do you reprogram your mind?

Wow! Big Question?

I will like to know your thoughts, just use the comment box thanks.


Why Do You Need To Become Successful?

Every living person has the right to become successful. But it pains to see the number of failures in our society today. Even the most successful person will never deny the fact that at some point, they met with failure.

The most painful part of the story is how everything could automatically take a u-turn and become a doom notwithstanding a lot of efforts one could apply in order to become successful.

What could be wrong? Maybe or not, something is wrong somewhere. But, let’s give it the name ‘unforeseen occurrences’. Although, no man could accurately predict the future, yet we have some degree of control over it.

Whenever we are setting up a target or plan, our mind usually tries to keep us alert of the dangers or pits along the path we are about to walk.

Undoubtedly, whatever actions you may decide to take are basically based on your minds programming: which made up your beliefs. This is the major reason why some people will neglect those warnings coming from their mind, probably because of their burning desire to reach their goals. Few others however, analyse those warnings, and this will cause them to both fill up the loop holes and create backup plans or they’ll fallback without giving a try.

If you can fallback without giving a try, it’s obvious that the reason why you need to become successful is not strong enough. In other words, you may need to work on your mind.

Therefore, for you to become successful, whether you want to successfully lose weight, you want to successfully run your business, you want to successfully develop your mindset or you want to successfully equip your mindset: You need to know your reason, but not just knowing your reason, you must master the reason why you need to become successful. For if possibly, you took off without mastering the exact reason you are seeking success, it is certain that success won’t be a guarantee.  Take Albert Einstein as an example. Had it been he never knew why he needed to be successful, he would have not continued to try after continual sets of failure.

In conclusion: To become successful, prepare your mindset and be ready to meet failure on the way. Don’t do the same thing over and over again while you expect different results.  And before you proceed, make sure you master your ‘WHY?’.

How can you gain or attain a burning desire for success?

I believe you have a better understanding of what a burning desire really is! But, you know? No one is perfect, I could be wrong or you may have forgotten. Please check out the previous article where I described what a burning desire really is.

The steps to gain or attain a burning desire for success are very simple and easy to analyse, but could be hard to keep up to, if not properly analysed.

Following are the steps. It all  begin with the common question: ‘Why?’

  • Step one

Ask yourself:

  1. Why do I need to be successful?
  2. How can I become successful?
  3. How do I know when I become successful?

These three questions may seem very easy to be answered. Yes, they are all easy questions which everyone who have a burning desire for success can answer correctly. Remember what I said earlier? The answers could be hard in practice if not properly analysed. So, what’s the next step?

I’m making a deal. I will write an article on each of the questions above, so you can answer them correctly. Deal? Ok.

  • Step two

Write down clearly the answers to those questions in step one.

Writing down clearly your answers to the above questions is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It serves as a reminder and also as a notification through your eyes to your mind. It alerts your brain, of how serious you are with the process of becoming successful.

This step will be explained in later articles.

  • Step three


This part is the most important of the process. If you miss this step, then nothing will work out. While every other thing is in place, don’t miss to act!

On the next article: I will suggest to you the best ways to analyse the question: Why do I need to be successful? But for now,

Please, take the value and return the vessel’…goodnessKosi

Thanks for reading.